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Hello everybody.

The pursuit of sales "by all means" is the position of one-day companies. It is all the more surprising when far from "yesterday's" companies are doing this... This is today's blog.

The other day a client was applying. He needs an internet connection to his office. About 13-15 computers. So, in the process of searching for the provider, he got on one of the firms offering to connect to 3G ...

Omit the question, why bother to pay for the connection to 3G, if there is no problem to buy a modem that automatically tunes in to the SIM card. The question is that the man was almost sold a useless set of equipment that would have brought him nothing but anguish.

Separately, I would like to say that it’s not good not only to “push” your customers into knowingly not need the goods at all costs, but also to throw mud at competitors. We are in favor of using 3G / 4G both at home and in the office, but only as an auxiliary reserve. This is mobile because it is intended for use outside the home and office. And why - I will write a few words.

So all the same, what to choose - BridgeNet or 4G?

It is very stupid and inappropriate to compare these disjoint concepts. These are different technologies, different goals and means, they have a completely different purpose, despite the fact that both options provide access to the Internet. BridgeNet technologies and principles of operation will never compete with 4G operators, as well as vice versa. These are parallel worlds. But, there are those who have enough (or, on the contrary, not enough) brains, to compare and even oppose these fundamentally different services.

Unlimited mobile 3G / 4G internet is nothing more than a hoax called marketing. Because it in fact does not exist. Absolutely all operators cut the speed to achieve a certain amount of traffic. Someone is 20 gigabytes per month, someone has 3 gigabytes per day. After the speed is reduced to a minimum, usually less than 1 Mbit. It seems like it does not turn off, but using the Internet at this speed is not possible. In home or office use it is certainly critical, but for a smartphone it is more than enough. Personally, I have never crossed a traffic threshold at maximum speed on any phone or tablet.

BridgeNet - unlimited with no restrictions on traffic and speeds within the package. You cannot walk around the city with our services, but at home and at work you do not think about traffic - if a child downloads a game or an employee leaves work, he will not turn off YouTube for the night;)

Stable speed on 4G is also impossible. Marketers talk about fantastic LTE speeds in colorful advertisements - but this is not true. Yes, sometimes test tests show stunning numbers, but try downloading something substantial in size - and you will never see these numbers. At one point you will have 40 Mbit to another 0.1 Mbit. And the actual operator call is useless. This mainly depends on the fact that the load on the base stations always fluctuates, and the traffic volume often rests on the BS bandwidth limit. Again, for a smartphone it is not critical. From the word “absolutely”. Although infuriates.

BridgeNet - since the connection, although wireless, is fixed, we always control the load, expanding the possibilities if necessary. The data transfer protocols we use allow us to customize the algorithms in such a way that each client gets their speed, regardless of the total number of users. And if the speed of the client falls below the minimum declared - this is an occasion to contact technical support. And we in packages specify the ACTUAL average speed, but not fantastic "TO". But you cannot walk around the city with our services. Is that stock up on the content of the flash drive)))

That's so short. Returning to the conversation with the client, I suggested that he use the services of the very firm that would arrange for him 3G in the office, and in a week or even earlier he would not hesitate to contact us))) Well, not to be unfounded and not to persuade. But for some reason, the client chose a shorter way without suffering and ordered a connection from us. We will try not to disappoint him.

And I do not say that we are the best, honest and ideal, such d’Artagnan, standing alone in the sun. And we have a certain percentage of dissatisfied customers. But it is always worth fighting for this percentage, even when it fluctuates within 1-2%. If it is clear in advance that you will not be able to satisfy the needs of a particular customer - for various reasons, but it also happens - involve partners and subcontractors. When in a year you reduce the percentage of disgruntled and disloyal customers from 3% to less than 2% and then today you turn on someone who will enter these percentages for anyone - where is the logic? Today, a small salary, and tomorrow image losses? Cheating on one client leads to a loss of 20 potential. But today it is accepted to use such concepts as “marketing”, “active sales”, “result orientation” instead of the word “deception” ...

I hate marketers.

P.S. In no case do not claim the ultimate truth. All materials published by me are nothing more than my personal opinion. My right is to share it, the right of the reader is to treat it as you feel for.

P.P.S. If you are reading this line - I am sincerely grateful to you for having read to the end.