As we do NOT do. Part 1.

As we do NOT do. Part 1. - Интернет-провайдер Бриджнет

As we do NOT do. Part 1.

Hello everybody.
That was the inspiration for the new blog.

In the last article I wrote that we largely take an example from our competitors, as it shouldn’t be done. And now I would like to tell you that I am angry at the work of competitors, and that I try to remove as much as possible from my company.
This will be a series of articles, because it will not work out to fit everything into one, it will be too long reading.
I'll start with mobile operators, and about speed. In the future, there will be articles devoted to wired Internet mammoths, one-day firms, and service standards, which are for some reason adopted in Ukraine and become the norm.

I'll start right away with the monsters of the market - Lifecell, Vodafone, Kyivstar. Previously, we did not overlap at all, but with the introduction of 4G, LTE, HDSPA + technologies, they began to directly compete with our proposals.
Of course, I am a subscriber of several of them. And that terribly enrages me:
I have two phones, plus a tablet. Only 4 sim cards. At the office, always on both operators on three devices is lit LTE and full signal.
So, morning, the Internet is lost in the office ... Yes, yes, in the office of an Internet provider, this can be. The admin swears that in 30 minutes he will raise everything. But! I have LTE in my portfolio! Two "apples" and Android. Now I will make the Internet myself ...
Yeah. So, I launch modem mode on iPad Air2. There is a sim card Vodafone. LTE, I recall, according to beautiful advertising, reaches an incredible 300 Mbit / s! What in fact? I waited about a minute for the Google Disk download! Just an interface! Open Facebook. The same story. OK. Close all the tabs and run speedtest ... Oh, it turns out I have 37 Mbit per second! What a beautiful speed! Directly from the iPad, everything works a bit more alive. The key word is “little” ...
Well, I think the apple is to blame. And a laptop. I reboot the laptop, turn on the modem from Android. I have Lifecell and Vodafone there. It works a bit more lively with an android, though Vodafone already shows 7 Mbps. Turn on Lifecell. Speedtest - 43 Mbit per second! Wow, class, super. Everything is loaded instantly compared to Vodafone. I am glad that I will not lose the extra half hour of working time. Was glad. I needed to pull a 450 MB image from the cloud storage ... Layout of advertising. In general, while half downloaded, it’s about 15 minutes, the Internet has come to life in the office. The Internet is our own, in peaks up to 40 Mbit per second. Total office. File downloaded in a couple of minutes. Office speedtest - 36 Mbit per second. Lifecell continues to show me wonderful 45-47 Mbit ...
We can draw the appropriate conclusions: all possible data transfer protocols, communication channels to the most popular resources and much more are killed, which is not even written in small print. In addition to the speed tests. And / or the operator determines that the traffic does not come from the terminal (smartphone / tablet) and also cuts it mercilessly. Although from the phone I also have never seen the actual download speed, at least half of the speedtest.
Today speedtest shows already 2 Mbit on Life, and 9 on Vodafone. That same place, the same time, those same devices. So where is LTE? Where are those speeds? I have one answer - in the wet fantasies of marketers. And it makes me mad!
What is this pursuit of some fantastic promises? What is the speed? What for? I do not need beautiful pictures on speedtest! I need to use comfortably! Why do I use our Internet (using BridgeNet technology) 12 Mbit per second I use the Internet from 7-10 devices, and with a super-duper 4G / LTE I cannot work an hour from a single laptop?
Do you know how tempting it is to promise and earn here and now? Put this wonderful prefix "do" and draw cosmic numbers? And because I know exactly what will lead. That it will attract a lot more customers than honest numbers. I DO NOT WANT! I want BridgeNet to be perfect for me though. So that it lacked everything that makes me angry at other companies.
Why I do not use Kyivstar ... In general. Because in my personal opinion, I will especially emphasize - to MY PERSONAL OPINION - this company is the quintessence of all the bad that an operator can contain. The imposition of paid services that are inadequate and which if not specifically disconnected will steal your money. For the most part, you may not even know about them. And if you find out, then how to turn them off will not know. Only with a great desire. I finished with them after trying to leave for several hours trying in vain to find out the tariffs in roaming. I could not. In Antalya, right at the airport I saw that more than 500 hryvnia disappeared from the account. Goodbye, Kyivstar. On the topic of this article - with the Internet, everything is much sadder for them than for Lifecell and Vodafone.
And I also especially like the packages that will block you if the phone is turned on in the “modem” mode, for example, to watch YouTube on TV. Only you will know about it when they block the Internet for 24 hours. True, with Kyivstar you will not know. They can not get through)))
So - oh, what are our speeds so small -  LTE for less money gives three times more

e! Yes exactly. Especially for these customers, I am ready to do the following - connect for 1000 hryvnia, assign a subscription fee of 100 hryvnia. Speedtest will show at least 90 Mbps. Although, maybe more. 150 or 200. I have a talented sysadmin. The package will be called - “to Gigabit”. Or “to terabit”. And good luck. Just do not call with the question why you barely open everything. Speedtest is cool))) This is an LTE-style work out. :)

DISCLAIMER: In this blog, I use my constitutional right to express my personal opinion. I do not claim the ultimate truth. All the subjectivity of my personal opinion remains on my conscience. From the responsibility for the possible "burning" in some while reading my articles - I refuse)))