New site - new start

New site - new start - Интернет-провайдер Бриджнет

New site - new start

Our new site.

Welcome to the brand new BridgeNet site!

BridgeNet is not a provider, not an online store or a contractor. BridgeNet is your IT partner. And we, as a reliable partner, are ready to provide you with any services related to the transfer of data. And we will make it so that the implementation of any of your ideas will be as easy for you as buying a smartphone in a good store.

We used all our many years of experience, working on changing the format of the company, trying to create a unique product. Unique in terms of both the set of services and their quality, and the concept of the client-company bundle itself.

A new concept was formed throughout 2018, in November, they began to develop a new site, and here it is - the product of the year of hard work. Yes, the next two or three months he will undergo certain changes, not everything is 101% complete, but. This portal contains much more functionality than is currently active. One of our main tasks is to be simpler. Therefore, we, receiving feedback from our new and existing customers, will gradually introduce additional functions - exactly those that our customers need. Nothing extra.

Quality of service, customer comfort and partnerships when working with our company are our priorities. And it was this that was the main leitmotif in the development of our new site.

Let's start with the site header - only there are 6 different ways to contact us. In the most intuitive way are located: phone numbers for technical support and ordering phone numbers, a convenient feedback form and communication buttons via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram. Contacting us on any matter is now easier than ever and most importantly convenient. But this is not all - JivoSite is at your service, which will easily connect you with the right specialist by pressing a couple of buttons!

In your personal account, you also have the opportunity to ask a question online directly to the system administrator.

We hope our both existing and new customers will appreciate the high degree of interactivity of our company!

The next innovation was the ability to pay for our services and equipment ONLINE! And not just online, but also use the interest-free installments "Payment parts" from PrivatBank. You can also pay for not only the connection, but also additional equipment such as a router or a TV set-top box! And also any additional services that you can order from our engineers!

An interactive coverage map has appeared. It is purely informational in nature and in any case it is necessary to communicate with our engineers to confirm the possibility of connection. But now potential customers immediately see - can there be those opportunities at their address or not.

Moreover, we have placed a catalog of network and peripheral equipment recommended by us, which you can purchase with delivery, configuration, installation.

Now video surveillance is not just information about the service, but a clear catalog of cameras and related equipment with a description and indication of characteristics, as well as a simple price list for work. While there is no basket and functionality of the online store, but it is likely that we will connect these functions later.

Why they are not there now - we are guided by the fact that in most cases, clients need a consultation with an on-site visit. It saves both time and money. Familiarize yourself with the proposed positions and prices for them, and our engineer will come to you and make the best project for you. Of course, free and at a convenient time for you.

Building local networks to order - we are able to implement a project of any complexity. One call - and you have a ready draft and commercial offer. Our engineers will select the solution taking into account all your requirements.

Moreover, if necessary, we provide services of remote administration of networks built by us, as well as warranty and non-warranty services. Everything for your comfort!

Well, without security, as well - caring for our customers, we signed a partnership agreement with one of the most reliable Security Companies in the city. This is not only an opportunity for our clients to get a discount on security services, but also to pay for all services “in one window” (optional, of course).

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude and recognition to Axis web-studio and personally to its head Vladislav Reshetilov for his contribution to the creation of our site and patience. I recommend as a team of true professionals!