Hello everybody. This will be a very short note about sore.

From the very beginning of our existence, since 2010, we have been confronted with the so-called “black PR”. And we have always treated this phenomenon positively, because if we, with our work, interfere with our competitors so much that they spend time and energy writing bad things about us on the Internet, then we are on the right path.

I have always been smiled at by the lengthy “reviews” about the Bridget Company on free themes. My only reaction was always the same - to write to the author of a negative review in a personal with a proposal to identify myself as a client, and solve all the problems that arose with our services.

After all, I am an adequate person, and I am well aware that no matter how hard we try, there will always be a certain number of discontented people. Partly because of our fault, partly - well, there are people who will always be unhappy with something. And the second - you will not change.

So here. What is it about me - on average, I received the answer to a personal message in no more than one of 20-30 cases. That is, the dissatisfied client comes to the forum and writes - “Bridgett is such-and-such, I don’t like everything so much,” and so on. In response, he receives a personal message with the following content: “Hello, my name is Alexey, I am the head of BridgeNet, could you introduce yourself and tell me the number of drugs so that I can solve your questions as much as possible.”

And in response - silence. Draw conclusions. Again, competitors are trying. Inogoda and just bored trolls in search of even a small holivarchika. Write more. I didn’t feed and didn’t feed trolls, and competitors give me free advertising - for most users, these stuffings are indifferent.

Well, I've got used to this for many years. BUT THIS IS WHAT I AM NOT ATTENTIVE AT ALL!

The owners of some sites post information about us (and not only), then they begin to intensively throw mud at “reviews”. How reviews are taken when I cannot leave my feedback - a big question.

Then they receive offers - for indiscreet numbers, to replace bad reviews with good ones, and for even more indiscreet numbers - and to completely remove the information about the company from their Internet bins.

And our wonderful legislation quite allows them to feel with impunity. Until.

And you know, I am not at all upset by this phenomenon.

I think that everyone can write what they want and what they think. And it's up to the consumer to critically evaluate information. And again, I repeat - this is FREE ADVERTISING. Write, raise BridgeNet in organic search.

For example, reviews from the series “You will not get through to them”. - Well, of course. You will not get through, you will not be finished and in general everything is “non-”. We just for the fact that no one before us called, made more than a dozen ways to communicate. Well, you know - to be more agile to “freeze” customers, aha.

Or another such: “The Internet does not work for half a year”. - Not well, but what? We do not need money. Of course. And we give services in the desert, and we are a monopolist there. So here they sit waiting for our good will to fix the connection for six months.

Or, “My antenna has burned down, and they (BridgeNet) will freeze to repair it.” - Of course we freeze. Have we created a service center to fix the equipment there ??? No, we only drink vodka there. And we boil tea by soldering stations.

I hope everyone caught sarcasm, because it’s impossible to react differently to such nonsense. Even not making excuses like it is very difficult to answer for other people's inventions.

In general, the fantasy of competitors and other spiteful critics is limitless, so I brought the most common stories. I don’t make sense to develop this topic further.

Respect yourself, and choosing a provider of any services - think and evaluate critically. Both good and bad. And my blog as well.

Fans throwing feces on the fans of the forums - thank you. The more you try, the higher my self-esteem rises - it means that we continue to go the right way!

P.S. If you are unhappy with our work, and would like to convey this information to me personally - it is very easy to do. We have an online chat on our site. Choose the item “Technical support” and indicate in the message that you would like to communicate directly with the manager. During working hours from 10 to 18, you can be 100% sure that I will contact you. It will be better if you immediately enter your contact information in the message in case I am not there.

P.P.S. Fans of making money on “black PR” - such things are collected and documented by my lawyers, and we are closely following judicial reform and changes in the practice of judicial decisions regarding the protection of honor and dignity. Perhaps the numbers of the claims will exceed many times the numbers that you are trying to extort. We are also in touch with companies that are also worried about your behavior, so there will be many claims in the near future. And you will understand that you have chosen the most stupid way to make money.