Wi-Fi Router Mikrotik RB951ui-2hnd - Интернет-провайдер Бриджнет

Wi-Fi Router Mikrotik RB951ui-2hnd

1,800 uah

Mikrotik RB951ui-2hnd is a professional grade router.

In the hands of a specialist, his capabilities are almost limitless - he is very flexible in configuration, provides a large Wi-Fi coverage area, and effectively copes with a large number of connected devices.

It is recommended for use as a head router in offices, households with a large number of user devices and video surveillance.

With the simultaneous use of several such routers - a seamless coverage of a wireless network over a large area (MESH) is created. In simple language, this means that you will not have a pile of wireless networks such as ETAZH1 or DVORwi-fi, and in a similar vein - one network will be lit on the air, and the smart algorithm will switch your smartphone or laptop to the router that provides the best signal . Switching occurs without disconnection, loss of ping - you can safely navigate through the territory, for example, talking on Skype.

Also, since this is professional equipment, your entire network is diagnosable. And this means that if, for example, one of the surveillance cameras has failed, and causes problems and network failures, the problem is easily calculated and localized. even remotely.

Parental or Directorial Control - you can restrict access to your child or, for example, an employee for certain resources - from his smartphone or laptop, it will not be possible to deny that you consider necessary.

Well, do not forget about security - with proper configuration, this router is almost impossible to crack.

Raising VLANs, VPN, proxies and not only, network scalability, and much more - there are no restrictions with this router!

The specified price implies the Mikrotik RB951ui-2hnd Router itself, its delivery in Kharkov, and configuration. Warranty - 24 months.