Wireless Networks Building

Wireless LANs are a great solution when there is a need for coverage over large areas. We build networks on the basis of professional MESH-algorithms, which are similar in their way of operation to cellular networks.
Such networks are able to analyze themselves and connected users. If the user moves across the coverage area, the network analyzes the signal to all access points and automatically transfers the user from one to another. And without breaking the ping. In this case, there may be one single SSID or several with different levels of access.

Encrypting data in such a network makes unauthorized access almost impossible - the administrator can even manually record the first attempt at hacking and block traffic.

Such networks are widely used in farms or large enterprises.

For example, installing security cameras on combines and other equipment and applications and online recording from them to a remote server.

In large warehouses, these networks make it easier to work with barcode scanners, wireless video cameras are also installed on loaders - the security service and management can look at the enterprise at any time through the eyes of any employee, which minimizes losses from unscrupulous employees and greatly improves working discipline.

All of the above very quickly pays for the initial costs of building such networks.

We work only with the best equipment, and do not recognize the savings in quality. All solutions used are easily scalable and in the process of commissioning they pass multiple tests for all possible scenarios.

Warranty on equipment and configuration - 2 years.

If you don't have full-time system administrator - it is possible to conclude a contract for the further maintenance of networks after commissioning.