About Us

BridgeNet is a family-owned company operating since 2010. For 9 years, we have turned from a company for the installation and maintenance of wireless equipment into a diversified company, which today is the largest in its segment.

The key direction today is high-quality, stable and fast wireless Internet in Kharkov and near suburbs. But this is only one of the directions.

We prefer to call our customers "partners" - because we are not just a provider or service center - we are your IT partners. If you are working with BridgeNet - we will solve any of your problems directly or indirectly related to the transfer of data.

If you are here - you have already found everything. Connect the Internet, build a network in the office or at home, install video surveillance or a security system, set up remote servers and remote access, connect several networks into one - there are no unsolved questions with us.

Wireless and wired equipment, regular twisted pair and optical fiber, digital and analog video surveillance. Mikrotik, Linksys, Ubiquiti, Dahua, Hikvision, OpenBox - only a small list of manufacturers with whose equipment we work professionally.

We also have our own service center, and we give 2 years warranty for all installed new equipment.

Learn more about the company, its principles, visions of development, and not only - you can by reading the Author's Blog of the Head