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Hello. My name is Aleksey. I have been a BridgeNet project manager for 9 years now. This Blog is intended as a feedback to the company. The articles published here are designed primarily for both new and existing customers to better understand BridgeNet, our vision of development and service. It will be both thoughts in the rumor about the scope of the company, as well as informative articles on equipment and technology.

Since this is the author's blog, I allow some liberties in the style. All articles are an expression of my personal opinion, with no claim to the ultimate truth. Publication on third-party resources without reference to the source is prohibited.

Briefly about myself - 33 years old, married, have a daughter. Hobbies - hunting, weapons and cars (examination and evaluation). The character is not Nordic.

As we do NOT do. Part 1.

Hello everybody. That was the inspiration for the new blog. In the last article I wrote that we largely take an example from our competitors,...


Hello everybody. This will be a very short note about sore. From the very beginning of our existence, since 2010, we have been confronted with...