As part of a partnership agreement between BridgeNet and the Cascade group of companies, we are pleased to announce mutual discount programs!

The group of companies "CASCADE" has been engaged in security since 2002. In the record of the company protection of banks, industrial enterprises, research institutes, agro-industrial complexes, oil depots, educational institutions and entire cities!

BridgeNet customers, under the terms of the partnership agreement, are guaranteed a discount on burglar alarms for the BridgeNet promo code, in the amount of from 250 to 500 hryvnia from the prices indicated on the website. With the prices for the protection of houses and apartments you can find on the website of the company.

In turn, if you are a Cascade client, get a 10% discount on any BridgeNet services.

Complex orders, in which there are both BridgeNet services and Cascade services, can be implemented within a single contract. For example: Internet connection, installation of video surveillance, installation and connection of the security system - at the request of the customer, everything can be combined into a single commercial offer and executed by one contractor.

This partnership agreement aims to provide maximum comfort for its customers.